Four Tips on Seeking Compensation for Your Personal Injury

Embarking on the journey to secure compensation following a personal injury can feel like an overwhelming experience. Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident, slip and fall, or another unfortunate event, understanding how to proceed can make a significant difference in the outcome of your claim. This article will cover four essential tips to help you pursue fair compensation. Document Everything The first critical step in seeking compensation is to meticulously document everything related to your injury.

Essential Items to Prepare Before Consulting an Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning is a crucial step in managing your assets and ensuring your wishes are honored in the event of your incapacity or death. Working with an estate planning attorney can simplify this process, but being well-prepared can make your consultation more efficient and productive. Here are the key items you should have ready before your meeting. Compile a List of Assets and Liabilities Assets Begin by creating a comprehensive list of your assets.

Navigating Through Bankruptcy: Engaging a Bankruptcy Attorney

Facing bankruptcy can indeed seem overwhelming, yet with the right support, the process can become more manageable. By seeking the assistance of a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney, individuals can receive the necessary guidance and expertise to effectively navigate through this intricate legal procedure. These professionals can provide tailored advice on the suitability of bankruptcy as an option, along with recommendations on the specific type of bankruptcy filing that would best suit the individual's circumstances.

Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer: A Concise Guide

If you've been involved in an accident or have suffered an injury due to someone else's negligence, hiring a personal injury lawyer is essential. While you may hesitate at the thought of involving legal professionals, it's crucial to understand the important role they play in ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the reasons why hiring a personal injury lawyer is necessary and how they can help you navigate the legal complexities of your case.

The Top Benefits of Working with a Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury can be a life-changing experience, leaving physical and emotional scars that can take years to heal from. Whether it's a car accident, slip and fall, or workplace injury, navigating the legal process on your own can be overwhelming and complex. In this blog post, we will explore the top benefits of working with a personal injury attorney and how they can help you obtain the compensation and justice that you deserve.

Why It's Important to Have a Veterinary Associates Contracts Review

If you're a veterinary associate, it's important to take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your career. One of the most important things you can do is to have a veterinary associate contract reviewed by a qualified attorney. This will give you a better understanding of your rights and responsibilities and can help prevent any misunderstandings or legal disputes in the future. Read on for the importance of a veterinary associate contract review, what it entails, and how it can benefit you as a veterinary associate.

What You Need To Know About The Services Offered By Divorce Lawyers

Divorce can be a challenging process for anyone, but it can be especially difficult for families with children. In such cases, it's essential to have a lawyer who understands the complexities of family law and can help you navigate the legal system with confidence. This blog post will discuss the various services that a divorce lawyer can provide to families and how they can help you through this difficult time.

Writing a Will: What Steps to Take

A will is a legal document that outlines the distribution of one's assets after death. It is often believed that the creation of a will is a task to be undertaken in the later stages of life. However, it is suggested that this important step should be taken before reaching middle age. Importance of A Will The importance of a will should not be underestimated. In the absence of a will, the distribution of assets is determined by state law, which may not align with the deceased's wishes.

Should You File For Divorce First?

Does it feel like your marriage is heading for a divorce and that it's a mutual decision? If so, know that the process must start with someone filing for divorce first. The person that files the paperwork is considered the petitioner in the divorce, and there are a few things you need to know about the pros and cons of being the petitioner. This can help you decide if you should wait it out and have your spouse be the first to file.

The Role Of Criminal Law Attorneys: Advocates For Justice And Due Process

When you find yourself facing criminal charges, it is crucial to understand the significant role that criminal law attorneys play in the legal process. These legal professionals are not only advocates for their clients but also champions of justice and due process. Their expertise and dedication are instrumental in safeguarding the rights of individuals accused of crimes. In this article, you will get a good look into the multifaceted role of criminal law attorneys and how they can be your unwavering support in the pursuit of justice.

Why You Need An Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate planning is a crucial process that helps you ensure that your wishes are honored after your passing. It is a comprehensive plan that encompasses a lot of important legal and financial decisions that may affect your family's future. More often than not, the estate planning process can be quite overwhelming, especially if you're not familiar with the legal jargon involved. That's why it's important to seek the help of an experienced estate planning lawyer.

Strategies A Maritime Lawyer Can Use To Help You Win Your Case

Seeking legal advice for a maritime case can be intimidating, especially if you are unfamiliar with the nautical laws that govern these cases. Fortunately, maritime lawyers are trained to analyze and interpret maritime law and can provide valuable insight into your case. Here are a few strategies a maritime lawyer can use to help you win your case. Analyze Maritime Laws  A maritime lawyer is well-versed in the federal and state laws that apply to maritime cases.

Filing A Brain Injury Lawsuit: Why You May Need An Attorney After Experiencing Trauma To The Brain

Did you experience a severe injury to the brain? Brain injuries are complicated to deal with because they can impact your ability to live life normally, causing various side effects and symptoms—such as seizures, difficulty remembering things, chronic migraines, and even slurred speech. If you're currently focusing on recovering from your injury to the brain, you probably haven't had much time to consider hiring an attorney. However, if your brain injury was caused by another person or multiple negligent parties, filing a lawsuit is in your best interest.

Can You Be Compensated For Emotional Trauma After A Car Wreck?

Anyone who has been in a car wreck knows that emotional trauma and injury can be just as bad as physical injury. Can you be compensated in a lawsuit or settlement for emotional trauma? And if so, what increases the likelihood of significant financial compensation? Here are some answers to your questions.  Can You Be Compensated for Emotional Trauma? The courts generally recognize that a serious car wreck can cause mental and emotional health damage.

Thinking Of Buying A Foreclosure? Here's What You Need To Know

If you're like many people who regularly peruse real estate listings, you've probably been tempted a time or two to explore the option of purchasing a property that's been foreclosed on. However, you've probably also heard that buying a foreclosure can be a complex process. Although it's true that there are typically more hoops to jump through with buying a foreclosed property than with a traditional home purchase, it's far from impossible — especially with the help of a good real estate lawyer to help you navigate any twists and turns that may come along.

4 Solutions An IRS Tax Problems Attorney Can Provide Your Troubled Business

Is your business struggling with IRS tax problems? If so, don't panic. Help is available and there are some solutions that an experienced IRS tax problems attorney can provide your troubled business. This article will discuss four most common solutions they offer to help businesses get back on track and stave off any further trouble with the IRS. 1. Negotiate Payment Plans One of the most common services offered by an IRS tax problems attorney is negotiating payment plans with the IRS on behalf of their clients.

6 Things You Shouldn't Assume About The Services Of Real Estate Attorneys

Hiring a real estate attorney is important in a wide variety of situations. Consumers need to understand some basics about working with a real estate attorney to take full advantage of the services of such a legal professional.  The following are six things you shouldn't assume about the services of real estate attorneys.  Real estate attorneys do the same things that real estate agents do. Consumers who are involved in buying, selling, or renting out a property need to understand that a real estate agent doesn't do the same things that a real estate attorney does.

After An Accident: Focus On These Things

Things can feel frantic after an accident. You might have your mind going in several directions at once. It's difficult for many accident victims to focus on any one thing, but it may help you to know what should be getting your attention. Focus on Your Health Taking care of yourself has never been more important. Be sure you get medical treatment after the accident. If you are not sure you are hurt badly enough to see a doctor, do so anyway.

Has Your Child Been Hit By A Semi? Here's What You Need To Know Before Taking Legal Action

Seeking justice after a truck crash can be complex and confusing. This is more so when pursuing compensation after a semi hits your child. One of your greatest concerns might be the legal measures you can take to enable you to have a positive outcome. So, you should consider consulting a truck injury attorney for advice. They will tell you what to do to assist you in holding the trucker or trucking company accountable.

Common Mistakes To Avoid After Creating A Trust

A trust can be a very effective instrument but only if it is used properly. You will be able to name your beneficiaries, and the trust will then distribute your assets according to your wishes. However, there are several mistakes you can make that can lead to your trust not being as effective. Not Naming Your Beneficiaries A trust is a very useful instrument because it can allow you to avoid probate.

Why You Might Be Entitled To Compensation For Your Defective Medical Implant

A hip or knee replacement involves replacing a portion of your hip or knee with a surgically implanted device to help improve your mobility. This can often be a lifesaver if you are suffering from hip or back problems, but some manufacturers are negligent and design products that are defective. If this is the case for you, then a quick conversation with a personal injury lawyer can help you determine if you have a case.

Four Things A Mother Should Know About Regaining Custody Of Her Child

If you are a mother who has lost custody of her child, it was likely devastating. There are many reasons that a judge can award custody to another person, but whatever the reason, you should know that there is hope. The court system wants a child and its mother to be together, but the best interest of the child will always come first. The following are a few things that you need to understand as you begin the process of regaining custody

3 Reasons To Include A Divorce Lawyer In Your Mediation

Emotions usually run high over the course of a divorce. This can make it difficult to sit down and agree on anything with your spouse. However, some separations have fewer conflicts. If your divorce is like this, mediation can be ideal for you. Although some people believe they don't need an attorney during mediation, many things can go wrong if you don't involve these professionals. It's advisable to seek a divorce lawyer's assistance during this process to help you come up with terms that favor your interests.

Just Married? Time to Make Estate Changes

If you have a great estate plan in place, it's probably time to update things now that you are married. Below are listed a few reminders for those just freshly wed to consider so that your estate plans are just as valid and complete as they were when you were single. Get Your Identification Changed Before you make changes to your estate, plan to update your identification first. That might mean changing your name and/or your address on your driver's license, along with a new Social Security card for some.

3 Crucial Roles A Divorce Attorney Plays During Property Division

Divorce is often stressful for the involved parties because it can have a significant emotional and financial impact. Most individuals who undergo this process are often left with intense feelings of sadness, anger, and regret, which can be overwhelming. But amidst all this, all the rules and regulations governing this process should be followed with utmost care and precision. Some of these rules govern property division. In this article, you'll learn the three crucial roles divorce attorneys play during property division.

4 Instances You Need To Hire A Corporate Lawyer

Salary negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, business disputes, capital raising — are just some of the reasons why one might need to hire a corporate lawyer. If you're running a small or medium-sized business, here's where to start when thinking about hiring legal support: 1. To Draft Share Issuance Documents Investors may ask for specific features in the type of shares they want to purchase. A company needs an attorney very early on in its formation stage so that it can prepare all documentation with confirmatory due diligence.

Unnatural Beneficiaries: Can You Contest Your Loved One's Will?

If your deceased loved one leaves most of their estate to an unnatural beneficiary or someone who isn't in your family, you may choose to contest the will right away. But if the unnatural beneficiary threatens to fight your right to contest the will, you may back down and allow them to keep your loved one's estate. Don't give up just yet. You can fight for your loved one's estate with the right estate litigation help.

4 Main Reasons To File For Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy allows you to have a fresh financial start. So, when should you file for bankruptcy? Read on to find out.  Unexpected Job Loss Job loss is now a common occurrence due to the tough economic climate. Unfortunately, your employer may not even offer you a severance pay as you exit. If you have an emergency fund in place, the savings quickly disappear as you cover accrued expenses. The situation worsens if you rely on your credit card to stay afloat.

Is Your Company Exempt From Filing Paperwork With The SEC?

Many companies issue securities to raise capital for investments in future business, refinance debts, and engage in other critical financial activities. If your company is considering an offering, you may wonder how much you'll be filing paperwork with the SEC over the life of the securities. A corporate lawyer may surprise you with the answer, though. Tale a look at why that might be the case by reading below. Maybe One Form

Divorcing? Now Is The Time To Update Your Estate Plan

An estate plan is only as good as its most recent iteration. Almost any major life event should prompt a call to your estate lawyer. Divorce is another important life event signaling several financial changes and a need to make some updates. To find out how a divorce can affect your estate plan, read on. Don't Wait Till Things Are Final Marriages can take time to finally end. Months and months could go by between the time you separate and the divorce becomes final, and there is always the chance you could pass away before that occurs.

Need Help With Your Estate? 3 Reasons To Seek Out Estate Planning Document Preparation Services

Growing older can have many enjoyable aspects, such as watching your children become adults, marry, and/or have children of their own. But along with all the enjoyable aspects, growing older can also create more concerns about how your spouse, children, and grandchildren will fare after your death. If you are beginning to feel an increasing sense of urgency to put your estate in order for the benefit of those you will leave behind but are unsure of how to get started, the following information is a great place to begin.

How To Respond When Your Ex Abuses The Legal System

If you have gone through a divorce, then your partner might do everything they can to retaliate. If this is the case, one approach your ex might take is to file a lawsuit. Abusive lawsuits allow for your partner to get revenge for your decision to end the relationship. However, there are actions you might be able to take to stop frivolous lawsuits.  What Constitutes a Frivolous Lawsuit? A common example of a frivolous lawsuit is when your ex files an order of protection when you are not a threat.

Executors, Answers To Your Questions About Will Contests

Are you the executor of a will? If so, you have several important legal responsibilities. And if that will is going to be contested, these responsibilities expand. What should you know if you must deal with a will contest? Here are a few answers to your questions.  Do You Have to Defend the Will? Yes, the executor is generally responsible for leading the defense of the will. This usually involves retaining a probate attorney for the estate.

Tips For A Successful First Call To A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured and believe the injury to be due to someone else's negligence, then hiring a personal injury lawyer is a smart move. They can help you file a civil case against the responsible party, which will hopefully result in you being compensated for your medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering. Your dealings with a personal injury attorney all begin with the first call you make to their office.

How To Report Discrimination In The Workplace

When you believe that you are suffering from discrimination, you might wonder if you are simply imagining the incident or if you should report it. In many cases, if you don't know who to turn to, the best option might be to speak with an employment lawyer. The Process of Reporting Discrimination Some businesses have their own internal process of reporting discrimination. You may need to speak with a human resources representative or call a hotline.

How to Handle Your Family Law Case

Family law cases are some of the most trying and stressful that people come into contact with. These cases hit close to home like none other. But if you have one of these cases on your docket, you should take the time to follow through with the legal advice and strategy that will help you best. Hiring a family law firm will be the best decision you make. In this article, you'll learn more about handling your family law needs through the best guidelines and hiring attorneys that can assist you.

Top Ways That A Personal Injury Can Affect You And How A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Personal injuries can happen for all sorts of reasons. You might have slipped or tripped and fell while patronizing a business, for example, or you might have been attacked by someone else's dog. Because of all of the different types of personal injury situations that are out there, it's true that different people feel different sorts of impacts from their accidents. These are some of the top ways that you might be affected by your personal injury situation, and a little more information about how a personal injury lawyer might be able to help you out.

The Surprising Importance Of Your Medical Care After An Accident

If another driver caused you injuries, you should know that medical treatment costs can be extremely high. Even minor injuries from an accident could result in a cost of thousands of dollars. You should not have to pay those costs, though. Read on for some guidance on how to handle your medical needs after a vehicle accident that was the other driver's fault. Seek Help Immediately Even though medical care is expensive, don't let that stop you from seeking care after an accident.

Planning A Road Trip During The Holidays? 3 Steps To Take After A Late-Night Car Accident

The holiday season is underway. If you're like most people, you're busy planning your vacations. If your holiday plans include a road trip, don't forget to plan for emergencies. Holiday driving can be very dangerous. Some of the deadliest accidents happen during the holidays. Nighttime driving adds another layer of danger to the situation. Now that some states are emerging from COVID-19 shutdowns, there will be more people trying to visit their loved ones during the holidays.

Situations When Dental Malpractice Is Applicable

Going to see a dentist is probably not your favorite thing to do in life, but it is sometimes necessary to deal with dental issues. There are times when substandard care is provided and that brings up the possibility of a dental malpractice claim for victims in these situations. If one of these situations surfaces because of substandard care, dental malpractice may be worth pursuing. 1. Improper Oral Disease Diagnosis

Questions You May Have If You're Arrested

If you have been arrested then you will likely be scared, confused, and have many questions. This article will help you to get answers to some of those questions which may help to alleviate some of your stress and help you learn what you should do.  Can't you defend yourself without an attorney? While you may legally be able to defend yourself, this doesn't mean that you should. There are a lot of reasons why having an attorney defend you should be considered a must.

How Does A Lawyer Determine What Branch Of Bankruptcy You Should Use?

When you initially meet with a bankruptcy attorney, the lawyer will need some information from you to decide what advice to offer. The advice the attorney provides helps you understand which branch of bankruptcy would be the best for your situation. For a lawyer to provide this advice, they will need to know some details about your finances. Here are the primary ways a lawyer determines what branch of bankruptcy you should file.

Meeting With Your Personal Injury Attorney? Top Questions To Ask

If you've been injured due to no fault of your own, this can be a trying time. You may want to seek justice by consulting with a legal professional. The ideal way to get the most from your appointment is by asking the right questions. Making a list of your concerns and getting these answered will enable you to learn a great deal from your legal consolation. 1. What proof is necessary to build the strongest case?

4 Questions You Must Answer Yes To In Order To Have A Personal Injury Claim

You have suffered an injury but do you have the right to sue? Here is a look at four things you must be able to answer "yes" to in order to have a legitimate personal injury claim.  Have you suffered damages due to the incident? Obviously, the first thing you must answer "yes" to is having sustained some type of damages. Physical injury is the most common type of damage in a personal injury claim, but other damages can be present as well, such as lost time from work, psychological damage, and costs incurred due to an incident like medical bills.

What Immigrants Need To Know About Investor Visas

Obtaining an investor visa is one of the faster tracks to permanent residency available within the American system. The EB-5 visa is a conditional green card, meaning it allows you to maintain residency in the U.S. indefinitely, although re-upping every two years is necessary. You can, however, use it as a path to an unconditional one that doesn't require further reviews or even citizenship. As you might imagine, the government does have some stipulations.

What To Expect When Handling Your Estate Planning

Estate planning allows you to prepare for the future. Your best bet is to meet with an estate planning attorney to outline your wishes properly. They will guide you through the process and make you feel at ease while informing you of your planning options. If you're thinking of handling your estate planning soon, keep reading to better understand what to expect. Take Inventory You'll need to take inventory of your belongings.

3 Types Of Guidance Your DUI Attorney Can Provide You With

If you have been accused of drinking and driving, it's wise to hire a DUI attorney who is knowledgeable and who has plenty of experience. One of these attorneys can help you in a number of ways while you're dealing with your case, such as by providing you with guidance and advice. These are some of the types of guidance that your DUI attorney can provide you with. 1. Information About What to Expect During Court

Common Reasons Why False Domestic Violence Charges Are Dropped

Domestic violence incidents are all over the place, in that some cases involve unquestionable abuse and then there are instances of false accounts. For this reason, every domestic violence arrest doesn't lead to a formal charge and conviction, especially when the claim is not valid. If you're innocent, learn about some of the instances when this type of charge can be dropped.  Varying Accuser Accounts Domestic violence cases are typically built upon the statement of the accuser of the assault.

The Keys To Trying A Medical Malpractice Case

If you are trying to really get the most out of your personal injuries, it means putting together a case that has the highest likelihood of success. This is particularly important if your personal injury case happens to involve medical malpractice. These medical malpractice cases are crucial because they often involve large sums of money and serious medical work that you will need for your injuries or ailments. In order to put your best case forward, consider the tips below and start reaching out to a few different medical malpractice lawyers that can help you out.

Bankruptcy For Seniors: How To Cope

Given the opportunity to live longer, most would not hesitate. Medical advances that result in longer lives, however, come with a price tag. Some older adults are finding medical costs taking up more and more of their income and some of them are now on fixed incomes. Medical bills, though, are just the beginning of financial troubles for senior citizens who are dealing with rising housing, food, fuel, and utility costs as well.

What To Do When You Think You've Gotten Sick From Asbestos

Asbestos is a dangerous material that used to be commonly used for insulating buildings. The fibers that comprise asbestos are very fine, and they can cause serious lung problems including respiratory difficulties and cancer. The most common type of cancer caused by asbestos is mesothelioma. If you are experiencing chest pain or shortness of breath and you suspect asbestos may be the culprit, here are three steps you need to take.

Strings Attached: What To Know About Conditional Bequests

Make no mistake about it – as the author of your will, you have the power to name beneficiaries and pass on your property as you see fit. That doesn't mean, however, that everything in a last will and testament will be upheld by the probate court. One sticky area is conditional bequests. Read on to find out more. Voiding Out the Condition Some bequest conditions are not meant to be.

Is Your Employer Not Filing Your Worker's Compensation Claim? What You Should Know

When you are injured at work, you typically are entitled to benefits from your employer's worker's compensation insurance policy. The benefits are meant to pay for your medical expenses and help replace a portion of your salary if you are unable to work. The goal of worker's compensation is so employees do not file a personal injury lawsuit against an employer. Unfortunately, there may be times in which your employer may not cooperate when you file a claim.

Facing A Felony Charge? 3 Things You Should Know As You Prepare To Fight Your Case

Criminal charges can vary a lot, and the worst type to face is any type of felony charge. A felony is a charge that will linger with you for the rest of your life, and you will need a good criminal lawyer assisting you with your case if the charges you are facing fall into this category. As you prepare to fight your case, here are a few things to understand about felony charges.

How To Stop Paying Spousal Support

If you went through a divorce in the past and have been paying spousal support to your ex-spouse for many years, you might reach a point where you really want to put this to an end. Spousal support is usually considered a temporary thing, but it will take getting a court order before you can legally stop paying it. Here are a few things to know if you want to stop paying the spousal support the court ordered you to pay years ago.

Slip And Fall Accident Lawsuit: What You Need To Know

Slipping and falling can result in a serious injury. If this happens to you on someone else's property or at a business, you could have the opportunity to file a personal injury lawsuit if you can provide the property owner acted negligently. Here is some information about a slip and fall personal injury lawsuit: Who Is Liable for Your Injuries? When determining liability for a slip and fall accident, you first must find out if there was any negligence at play.

Important Information To Provide To Your Divorce Lawyer

Making the decision to divorce your spouse can be very difficult. After that decision is made and you have hired a divorce lawyer, you may be overwhelmed and not know what to expect. However, being organized and providing pertinent information that your lawyer needs will make it easier for him or her to help you. Thus, before your first official meeting with your divorce lawyer after hiring and signing a contract, take the time to find as much documentation as possible.

Modifying Child Support: 5 Necessary Actions

Anytime you lose a job, it's natural that you'd worry about your financial life. However, when you're divorced and making weekly or monthly child support payments, you might worry even more. There are multiple ramifications for not making your payments, and that can compound problems that are already happening because of the shift in your financial position. Modifying the child support order is an option, but you must also ensure you're working on these activities.

Three Ways To Lessen Your Risk Of A Lawsuit After You Start A Small Business

When you start a small business, you likely have your mind set on turning a profit as quickly as possible and establishing the brand in your community. Few things can disrupt these goals as quickly as facing a lawsuit — especially early on in the venture. Lawsuits are always difficult to deal with, but when you may lack the funds to fight the suit because your business is still new, they can be absolutely devastating.

The Importance Of Getting Medical Help After Any Car Accident

No matter how severe or major a car accident is, everyone involved in the collision should seek medical help afterward. Many people will feel perfectly fine after a car accident happens, and they will choose not to see a doctor, but this is never a good idea. You should always see a doctor after an accident, and here are several reasons for this. The visit is documented One of the main reasons to get medical help after an accident is to have the accident and visit documented, and you could complete this visit by going to the emergency room after the accident or by calling your regular doctor and scheduling a visit.

Why You Should Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney As Soon As You've Been Arrested For A Crime

If you've just been released from jail after a criminal arrest, your head may be spinning with worry over what's going to happen to you. You may have an arraignment date set where you'll be formally charged so you can enter a plea. Before you go before the judge, you should hire a criminal defense attorney. You don't want to do or say anything that results in a worse punishment than you deserve.

Tips For Documenting Your Safety Apparel After A Motorcycle Accident

When you've been injured while riding your motorcycle and decided to retain a motorcycle accident attorney and fight for a settlement from the other driver, you have to be prepared for the other driver's attorney to fight back. One way that the attorney will attempt to absolve his or her client from responsibility is to suggest that you were doing something that contributed to the accident. If the police report indicates otherwise, the attorney may then choose to focus on the safety gear that you may or may not have been wearing — arguing that your lack of safety gear was a contributing factor in your injury.

Examples Of Your Injury-Caused Emotional Distress Leading To Physical Pain

In a personal injury case, damages from medical expenses and lost earnings are relatively easy to calculate for an experienced attorney. The damages from emotional distress, however, are a little more difficult to calculate. Regardless, emotional distress is a real issue for many people who have gone through some type of injury, and will thus be an important factor in your personal injury case. In fact, your emotional distress may even be causing you to experience physical pain.

It's All In Your Head: Getting Social Security Coverage For Mental Conditions

While a physical condition is often to blame when workers cannot work at their jobs, mental issues may afflict more workers than most people believe. There are many different mental conditions covered by Social Security, so read on to find out more about this particular malady and what to expect when seeking benefits. Showing proof You may have a mental condition that plagues you not only at work but in your everyday life, but the Social Security Administration (SSA) must see proof of your condition or you won't be getting approved for monthly benefits.

Details To Consider When Negotiating Alimony Payments In Good Faith

During divorce proceedings, there are people who are eligible for alimony payments from their ex-spouse and who adopt the mentality of getting as much money as possible. You may be well within your right to do so, but this can breed a considerable amount of unpleasantness between the two of you, which may be less than ideal if you have children.  If it's clear that your partner will be paying you alimony, you don't necessarily have to try to get an exorbitant sum.

First-Timer Tips For Working With A Bail Bond Company

If your adult son or daughter was arrested and you are apprehensive about finding a reputable bail bond company to work with because you don't have any previous experience, then rest assured it isn't as complicated as you think it is. Using these first-timer tips, you will be able to obtain a bond and bail your son or daughter out of jail: Tip: Hire an Attorney First Before Looking for a Bail Bond Company

Obtain A Liquor License Prior To Opening A Tavern

Opening up a tavern in a busy metropolis may seem like a lucrative way to make a living, but before you rent or purchase property and get your business up and running, complete some ground work to make yourself aware of the alcohol regulations that are imposed by the state that your business will be located in.  Research Your Options Before renting or purchasing a piece of property, inquire at your local courthouse about liquor licensing regulations.

3 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Initial Consultation With A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are thinking about pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, you might have thought about hiring a lawyer to help you with your case. If this is the case, then you could have scheduled an initial consultation with an attorney. Many people do not know what to expect from these meetings, but these are a few things that can help you get the most out of your meeting with a personal injury lawyer.

Hiring A Lawyer To Help Determine Fault And Get Compensated After A Car Accident

When you are involved in a car accident, there may be cause to hire a lawyer to help you. If you are injured, or your car was totaled, and you are having a hard time getting a determination about who was at fault for the accident, a lawyer might be the only way to get things sorted out. In fact, in some states, the police will not assign blame, and if you believe the other driver was liable, you would have to take them to court and get a judge to make a ruling.

Three Reasons To Have A Living Will — Even When You're Young

A living will is a document that dictates what should and should not be done to your body should you end up in a situation where you need artificial means to support life. For example, if you are in a coma on a ventilator, your living wall might state to keep you on that ventilator, or it may state that those caring for you should remove the tube. Most people assume that if they are young, they don't need a living will yet.

Why You May Be Legally Required To Provide For Your Step Child

Ordinarily, only biological parents are held legally responsible for taking care of their children's financial needs. However, there are cases where you may be required to provide for your stepchild, and even pay child support for them. Here are some examples of such circumstances: If The Custodial Parent Is Unable To Do It State laws determine who should take care of a child at various levels of the child's life. For example, some states will require a step parent to step in if the custodial or biological parent is unable to do it.

3 Helpful Steps That Can Protect Your Legal Claim After A Car Accident

If you're involved in a car accident and are not responsible for causing it, you may have legal options. The other driver may have been negligent, and you deserve compensation for any vehicle damage or injuries that resulted. Make sure you protect your legal claim by taking these steps: Contact the Police After making sure everyone is okay and getting to a safe area, it's important to contact the police. Even if injuries or damage to your vehicle is minor, you need the police to take an official statement.

Legally Terminating A Bad Marriage

Trying to work things out in a marriage is usually the wisest thing to do, especially when you have children. However, sometimes staying together only makes the situation worse if both partners are not willing to put their all into the marriage. If trying to communicate with your spouse has proven to be unsuccessful because he or she refuses to be cooperative, a divorce might be the best resolution. You can bring up the subject of divorce to see how your spouse reacts, but you can get the process started without him or her.

Are You Prepared For The Meet And Confer In Your Divorce Proceedings?

In some states, divorcing couples are required to attend a meet and confer or a divorce settlement conference. The meeting is an opportunity to attempt to settle the divorce without the court's intervention. The mandatory meeting is important and requires considerable preparation. If you have a conference scheduled, here is what you need to know. Who Attends the Meeting? The people who are required to attend the meeting depends largely on your state's laws.

Medical Or Recreational Marijuana And Social Security Disability Benefits

With many states now approving either recreational and medical marijuana use or medical marijuana alone, there's a lot of confusion about how marijuana use can affect your Social Security disability application. Here's some information that you need to know about how state laws on marijuana use can intersect with a federal program like SSA disability. 1. The medical use of marijuana is less likely to affect your disability claim than any recreational use.

How Third Parties Can Cause Injuries in the Workplace

It is common knowledge that injuries on the job are compensated for by workers compensation insurance. However, there are cases where workers compensation insurance isn't the only source of remedy for a workplace injury. For example, if you have been injured by a third party, you can sue the liable party for personal injury damages in addition to your worker's compensation insurance. Here are four examples of how third parties can cause damages to employees on the job:

Need A Special Education Lawyer? 2 Important Things To Consider

If you have a special needs child, you already appreciate some of the challenges that the parents of such children face. You also appreciate how important the educational development of your child is to their well being. Frequently parents of children who benefit from special education programs are not pleased with the level of progress in their child's development. Many parents just throw up their hands in frustration, unaware that there is legal help available from highly qualified attorneys who specialize in this area.

Being Successful With Your ERISA Claim

When you've developed a disability because of something that happened at work, it is natural that you would file an ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) claim. However, if you have never completed a claim like this in the past, you may be more likely to do something incorrectly that could affect how successful your claim is. To avoid rejection and get the funds you need, use these tips. Know Whether You Need to Wait

Bankruptcy after a Divorce: Getting Your Finances under Control

If you and your former spouse left the marriage with a lot of debt, you may need to file for bankruptcy after your divorce is final. Depending on the amount of debt you are now responsible for and the type of debt it is, filing for bankruptcy may help you get your financial life back under control. How the debt was split in your divorce can also have an impact on your ability to pay the debt back.

Three Questions To Help You Decide If It's A Good Idea To Bring A Divorce Mediator On Board

Although divorce mediation can be a great tool to help you and your spouse along on the path to becoming ex-spouses, it's a tool that works best in certain situations and with certain couples. Here are three questions that can help you figure out if your relationship and your current stage of progress are right for mediation. 1. Are you both on the same page with your relationship goals? Although it may seem like a no-brainer, it needs to be said that both you and your spouse need to be on the same page about making the divorce work out rather than making the marriage work out.

Ensuring Your Pet's Care In The Event Of Your Death

As a pet owner, you care for your pet very deeply and only want what's best for them. Have you considered how what's best for them will be handled in the event of your death? To learn more about how to ensure that your pet is well cared for in case of tragedy, consider the three tips below. Consider Who Will Provide Emergency Care While it's not something that anyone likes to think about, for many, severe injury or death is an unexpected occurrence.

A Turning Point In Your Workers' Comp Case: The Independent Medical Examination

If you've been injured in a work-related accident or suffering from a work-related illness, you may already be benefiting from the valuable resources available from the workers' comp insurance company. In most cases, you can expect to receive free medical care and a portion of your wages while you recuperate from your injury at home. At some point, you may be asked to participate in a special type of examination, called an Independent Medical Examination (IME).

Is The VA Sleeping On Your Claim?

Dealing with Veterans Affairs (VA) disability claims can be a slow and frustrating process, but it's not the same at every office. With so many scandals coming to light, it's hard to know if you're dealing with an honest backlog, a simple paperwork mistake or a serious case of mismanagement. If you've gone half a year without an answer or have been denied despite your best attempt and preparing evidence, take a look at some claim system insight and ways a legal team can get you the compensation and care you deserve.

A Guide To Contested Divorces

Failure to agree on even one thing during a divorce can instantly complicate the process. This is because both you and your former spouse will now need to go before a judge to hammer out all details of the divorce. When this occurs, it is called a contested divorce. The following guide can help you better understand what this will entail. What sort of disputes can lead to a contested divorce?

Faqs About The Chapter 7 Means Test

In order to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must meet certain requirements. One of those requirements is the means test. If you fail to meet this requirement, your bankruptcy could be in jeopardy. Before filing for bankruptcy, here is what you need to know about the means test.  What Is the Means Test? The means test is basically a way for the bankruptcy court to determine if you have any disposable income that can be used to pay off your debts.

Doggy Dangers: Personal Injury Compensation And Dog Bites

Dogs on the loose can wreak havoc and turn your daily walk into a painful ordeal. If you are the victim of a dog attack, you are entitled to seek compensation from that dog's owner for medical expenses and pain and suffering. You have the right to take a walk in your own neighborhood without fear of being hurt while exercising, so read on to learn the 5 major facts you need to know about seeking compensation from a dog bite.

3 Drawbacks Of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Choosing to get a fresh start by filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often a great solution for major financial problems, but there are several drawbacks you should be aware of before you file. By knowing these, you can weigh out the pros and cons of Chapter 7 to decide if it is right for you. Here are three of the main drawbacks you may experience if you decide to file.

Tips for Selling Your Home in Hawaii Yourself

If you own a home or property of any kind in Hawaii, there is a good chance that you are going to try to sell it yourself in order to avoid having to pay a real estate fee. This fee could be very large since most property in Hawaii is highly sought after and therefore expensive. Here are some tips for making sure that you are able to successfully sell your home in Hawaii by yourself.

A Few Custody Questions You May Want Answered

The custody of children is often one of the most contentious issues that can stem from a divorce. Unfortunately, if you find yourself going through a divorce, you may need to have some questions about custody issues answered so that you can be better prepared to handle the custody issues that can follow a divorce. How Does Sole Custody Differ From Shared Custody? It should be noted that there can be a number of different custody arrangements.

Abusive Spouse? Here Are Tips To Protect Your Family

Did you know that one-third of all families in homeless shelters in New York City are there as a result of domestic violence? Statistics also suggest that one in every four women will be the victim of domestic violence and three million men are the victim of physical assault every year. If you are in an abusive marriage, your first priority should be to get yourself and your children to safety.

How Do You Avoid Being Accused Of Malingering To Collect Workers' Comp Benefits?

Malingering is usually defined as exaggerating an injury or pretending to remain impaired long after your actual injuries have healed. Insurers say that up to 39% of workers' comp claims involve some form of malingering—and that's bad news for the genuinely disabled. When employers and insurers are suspicious, workers often face unnecessary scrutiny into their lives and can end up accused of fraud even when they're legitimately injured. If you're an injured employee, what can you do to avoid being accused of malingering?

10 Surprising Facts About Alimony

Alimony, despite tales to the contrary, is still available to help those in need when they divorce. Also known as spousal support, this monetary support can make a huge difference for those that have earned less than their partners. Including alimony in your divorce decree is vital, so don't let the opportunity to collect it pass you by. Read on for 10 surprising facts about alimony.  1. Originally, alimony came about as a way to help even up the financial situation of spouses who had given up education and career opportunities to raise children.

Can You Lose Your Workers' Compensation Benefits?

Both you and your employer are responsible for abiding by certain rules and procedures when it comes to handling a workers' compensation claim. If you fail to follow the rules, you could lose your benefits. To help you retain your benefits, here are some situations that could have an impact on your benefits.  Light Duty It is possible that your employer offers you a light duty position until you are able to return to your regular position.

3 Questions To Ask Your Auto Accident Lawyer

An auto accident can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed. There are a lot of things that you have to deal with all at the same time. It feels like things are being thrown at you quicker than you can process them. If you were injured in an auto accident, you probably have a lot on your mind. To help make sure you have a better understanding of what it is that you are dealing with, here are a few questions you might want to ask your attorney.

Child Support: How Judges Determine The Amount Paid

You may have heard that keeping your divorce disagreements out of court can be advantageous to both your wallet and your emotional well-being. For the most part, you will find that issues about debt and property division, and child custody and visitation are best agreed upon outside of court. Child support amounts, however, are another matter. Read on to get a better understanding of how family court judges determine how much child support will be paid.

5 Child Custody Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

A child custody battle is one of the most difficult aspects of a divorce. If you are preparing for child custody hearings, you likely feel stressed out and nervous. However, letting this stressful time affect your behavior can have negative results. Here are five child custody mistakes you do not want to make: Making Parenting Decisions On Your Own There may be a lot of tension between you and your spouse, but it is still important to make parenting decisions together.

A Grandparent's Guide To Visitation And Custody Rights

Events including but not limited to divorce, death, and estrangement can make maintaining the relationship between a grandparent and a grandchild difficult. After these events, a parent (or other family member) may try to prevent a grandparent from any contact with the grandchild. Depending on exactly what the event was, the grandparent may also try to pursue custody of his or her grandchild. Learning more about laws and legal issues involving grandparent's rights can put the mind of any loving grandparent at ease.

Dealing With Injury As A Veteran? Is It From The Military?

Many veterans either have difficulty getting claims through the Veterans Affairs (VA) disability claim system or don't know much about the system. You're entitled to compensation for your injuries, complications and other conditions that were caused by military service or made worse by service. If you're not sure, it costs nothing to put in a claim or additional appeals. Take the time to understand how the system works and how an attorney can help you succeed if denials arrive in the mail.

The Difference Between Criminal And Civil Court Cases

In the eye's of the legal system, what makes a harmful action a criminal act vs. a civil offense? A basic distinction would be that crimes affect society as a whole and civil offenses affect individuals. Murders affect individuals, but they also interfere with the government's ability to maintain the peace, and thus, they are considered criminal acts. You can, however, sue a person for civil damages, in some cases, even if they have committed a criminal act.

3 Tips For Your Foreign Spouse's Visa Interview

Did you recently marry someone who is a citizen of a country other than the United States? Are you in the process of filing a family petition so he or she can get get a green card and join you in the states? Many people believe that visas are automatic after marriage. The truth is that there are still a number of steps that you and your spouse must take. One of the final and most important steps is an interview with a U.

Key Considerations For Alimony Settlement Eligibility

Settling the issue of alimony is one of several steps you have to take when it comes to negotiating a divorce settlement. There are a broad range of factors that could affect how much alimony you or your spouse is entitled to or, in some cases, whether alimony is justified at all. The following takes a look at some of these considerations and how they can affect your alimony settlement.

Getting Social Security Disability For Your Depression

With depression affecting an estimated 14.8 million people in the United States, it should not be surprising that this debilitating illnesses also affects some people's ability to work. If you are unable to do your job, you should know that you may be able to qualify for monthly payments from the Social Security Administration (SSA). Getting Social Security benefits for your depression can be challenging, so read on to find out how the SSA determines your eligibility.

Playground Trauma: Can You Sue If Your Child Is Injured At Recess?

If your child gets hurt at school, your first thought is probably getting him or her the medical treatment needed. But after you've taken care of the immediate issue, you may be wondering if someone was negligent in letting your child get hurt. Here are two common scenarios that involve violence or injury at school and when to get a personal injury attorney involved: 1. A bully physically injures your child.

Important Dos And Don'ts For Car Accident Witnesses

Imagine the following scenario: you're driving along a relatively quiet road when you suddenly witness a car accident right in front of your eyes. There aren't many other cars on the road. What do you do? If the accident seemed minor enough, do you drive off and let the drivers handle it? Or do you stick around? There are actually a few important things that you should and should not do in the event of witnessing a car accident--no matter how serious or minor.

3 Child Custody Myths Debunked

Myths abound in the world of family law, especially when it comes to child custody. If you're currently going through custody negotiations with your ex-spouse, you may even believe some of them yourself. Below are three such myths and the truths behind them. Myth #1: After a Certain Age, Children Get to Decide Who They'll Live With While many judges will try their best to accommodate the wishes of the child, children don't always have the full picture and cannot be expected to make such a decision without considerable support.

Proving You Did Not Commit A Robbery

If you have been accused of robbing a store, and you are not the perpetrator that should be punished for the crime, you will need to enlist the help of a criminal defense attorney, like Andrew H P Norton, to represent you in court. Being unjustly accused is an unfortunate experience, but if you have facts that prove your innocence, the charges will most likely be dropped. Here are some tips to use when battling a theft conviction.

Divorce & College: 3 Ways To Ensure Your Child's Future Isn't Jeopardized

You've found yourself dealing with two of the most stressful events of your life at the same time – divorce and sending your child off to college. While this time of your life is hectic, there are a few things you should be sure to do to ensure your child's college plans can remain intact. Secure Your Child's College Funds Immediately If you've spent the past 18 years of your child's life scrimping and saving for this moment, it can be devastating to think that your divorce could lead to a significant financial loss for your child.

Debunking 2 Myths On Wrongful Death Claims

The loss of a loved one is sure to cause a lot of emotional turmoil and sadness to the family and friends of the deceased. This can be made even worse if the death was actually a result of the negligent or reckless act of another person, such as a healthcare professional or driver. The only solace for the family of the deceased is often to sue for damages from the at-fault party.

Exposing Common Misconceptions About Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases are one of the most common disputes that people will hire an attorney to address. Unfortunately, these cases can be extremely confusing for the people involved in them. Not surprisingly, this confusion makes it likely that you may believe that a couple of common misconceptions about these cases. By clearing the confusion surrounding the following two myths, you will be better prepared for the process of going through these legal cases.

What Debts Can You Discharge In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

When you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are given the opportunity to discharge your debts. This allows you to take care of debts and no longer get hassled by your creditors. However, only certain debts can be discharged. Cash Advance The first thing chapter 7 might be able to discharge is a cash advance you received from your credit card account. However, not all cash advances will be eligible for a discharge.

3 Things You Need to Know If You Have Been Injured in a Car Accident

There are few things more traumatizing than being in a car accident—especially when you are injured and you feel that the accident wasn't your fault. After a car accident, you need to focus on getting better, but you also need to be aware of a few things. Here are three things you need to know if you have been injured in a car accident. 1. You should never sign anything given to you by the party responsible or their insurance company without reading it first.

What You Should Know About Wrongful Death Lawsuits

A wrongful death claim occurs when a person or organization is responsible for the death of another. If you feel that you have the right to file one after suffering the loss of a loved one, it is important you understand whether or not you have the right to sue, who you can sue, and what you have to prove.  Why Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit? A wrongful death lawsuit can be filed by the survivors of the decedent.

Three Things To Consider When Hiring A Divorce Attorney

Divorce is an emotional time for all individuals involved. Many such individuals turn to a divorce lawyer for help during this time, so it's important that they find the right one. If you're going through a divorce, but don't want to settle for just any lawyer, learn how you can find the perfect one for you. Consider their Experience Experience isn't just concerned with the number of years that a lawyer has been practicing.

Answered Questions About A Denied Workers' Comp Claim

Even if your workers' compensation case seems cut and dry, there is a possibility that your employer will deny your claim. A denial of your claim can occur for different reasons, but sometimes it is an effort on your employer's part to save money. If your claim was denied, it is important that you get to the root cause of the denial.  Why Did Your Employer Deny Your Claim? Workers' compensation is insurance that requires regular payments on the premium from your employer.

Just Because You Fell And Were Injured On Someone's Property Does Not Mean You Will Win A Lawsuit

If you have suffered a bodily injury after falling on someone's property, you probably want to sue the property owner. Most of the time, there is an insurance policy that protects property owners in this situation. However, there are times when getting compensation is not going to be easy; in fact, you may not get any at all. You need to contact a lawyer experienced in handling slip and fall cases to find out if you have a case at all.

Two Important Things You Should Know About Discovery Questions

Discovery is a formal investigation process that allows all parties in a case to learn more about it. It usually involves asking questions or requesting for documents. The parties at the end of the questions may be the defendant, witness or plaintiff. Here are two important things to know about the questions: It Involves Several Types of Questions Discovery questions come in many different forms such as: General questions – these are broad-based and can have many different answers.

Your Spouse Doesn't Want Children: Is This Grounds For Divorce?

Generally, once a couple is married the next step is to start a family. Whether they begin having children right away or later, this is a decision that both partners must agree on. According to the U.S. Supreme Court, the decision to have a child or not have a child is a private, personal one. No one, not even a spouse, can force a woman to have a child. On that same note, no one can force a woman to have an abortion.

5 Things Your Car Crash Lawyer Needs To Know About Your Accident

If you have been in a car accident that left you injured or with heavy financial debt because of damage done to your vehicle, you are going to want to consult with a lawyer, such as George T. Bochanis Law Offices, to help determine how you can be compensated for the losses. When you go to consult with your lawyer, here are the five things that he or she is going to want to know:

3 Things To Know About Suing A Restaurant For Food Poisoning

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 48 million Americans obtain some type of foodborne illness each year, and many of these cases occur after eating out at restaurants.  If you became extremely sick with food poisoning and can prove that it was caused by the food served at a restaurant, you may be able to sue the restaurant for personal injury. Types of food poisoning

What Debts Are Not Wiped Out With Bankruptcy, And How To Pay Them

You probably know that when filing for bankruptcy, certain debts cannot be wiped off your record or discharged. To find out what types of debts you will still have to pay, read on. You will also find out some options you have for paying down or getting help for those debts. Student Loans Student loans, whether subsidized or unsubsidized, will still need to be paid. If you need to, you can get a deferment, which will temporarily relieve you from making student loan payments for up to a year.

3 Tips For Saving On Your Estate Taxes And Fees

It is no secret that executing an estate after someone dies is expensive. There are many taxes associated with estate planning, and if you are not careful, you can spend a great deal of money in death taxes. That is why it is important that you plan your estate with experienced attorneys like Price & Associates who can help you to protect your hard-earned money. Here are a couple tips for how you can save money on your estate.

Don't Let Fear Stop You: 3 Things That Don't Matter In Most Personal Injury Cases

The media is always talking about frivolous personal injury claims, and the stories covered often portray the plaintiff as vindictive or money-hungry. If you've been injured, you might feel disinclined to file a claim because you don't want to be thought of in such a negative way. However, what the media doesn't tell you is that people are winning their cases, and that they are able to do this because courts are recognizing their injuries and agree that they should be compensated for them.

Consumer Injury Cases: What You Need To Ponder Before You Sue

If you have been injured or made ill due to unsafe products or service, there are some important factors you should consider to make sure you have a good case and will be satisfied with the result. This article will discuss reasonable expectations and the basic requirements of a consumer injury lawsuit. Necessary Components of a Good Case A personal injury attorney will have the knowledge about state and federal laws, plus the experience to help you decide if you have a case worth pursuing.

Can't Afford A Divorce Attorney? Here Are Some Tips For Pro Se Divorces

Getting a divorce is not only a very hard time emotionally, but can be very costly as well. During the divorce, your finances will be up-ended, and you may end up splitting assets and property that leave with far less than you had as a couple. While many attorneys are able to work with clients to help them afford their services, sometimes there is literally no way to afford even the least expensive attorney fees.

What Should You Do If Your Employer Is Committing A Crime?

If you've recently become aware that your employer is engaged in illegal or fraudulent conduct, you're probably wondering about your next steps. Fortunately, a number of protections exist for employees who report their employer's fraud (also known as "whistleblowers"). Read on to learn more about the protection -- and even profit -- that can result from blowing the whistle on your employer.  What should you do if your employer is defrauding a government program?

2 Important Things To Consider When Filing For A Late-Life Divorce

The American public is bombarded by statistics regarding divorce on a seemingly daily basis. While we know that many marriages end in divorce, few people take the time to realize that as of 2011, 15.4% of people over the age of 50 were divorced. These "gray divorcees" face special challenges when it comes to dissolving their marriages, and here are 2 things that should be given special consideration if you ever find the need to divorce after you reach your 50s.

Two Workers' Compensation Myths Exposed

Most days at your job go without a major problem or anything out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, on the job accidents and injuries can seem to come out of the blue, and these events can leave you with mountains of medical bills and lost wages. When this happens, you may not be responsible for these costs. Yet, workers' compensation is something that most people do not know much about, and as a result, they may assume that a couple of common myths are true.