Being Successful With Your ERISA Claim

When you've developed a disability because of something that happened at work, it is natural that you would file an ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) claim. However, if you have never completed a claim like this in the past, you may be more likely to do something incorrectly that could affect how successful your claim is. To avoid rejection and get the funds you need, use these tips.

Know Whether You Need to Wait

You might want to stop working right away because of pain you're feeling or discomfort you're having. Know that this could affect how successful your claim is. All companies have different guidelines about how to file an ERISA claim. Some companies have mandatory waiting periods to observe before filing, while others try to work with their employees to keep them working by adjusting their work responsibilities. Know what is required so that you don't jeopardize your own case.

Call Insurance Carrier

It is easy to rely on the word of your immediate supervisor when starting the ERISA claim process, especially if you have never done it. They may offer advice about what you've got to do and it seems natural to believe them. However, be aware that rules are changing all the time; to get the most correct information, directly contact the insurance carrier yourself to get the best direction about what you need to produce in the way of documents.

Be Careful Online and Around Town

One surprising thing you may not think of when you're seeking ERISA benefits is that the company's insurance company is likely to do some investigation of you and your claims. Do not take this personally; the insurance company has an obligation to ensure that everyone seeking benefits truly deserves them. For that reason, you might become aware that investigators working on behalf of the insurance carrier have asked questions about you. They may speak with your neighbors to find out whether you're in the backyard playing basketball when your ERISA application says you are hurt, for instance. They might look up your different profiles on social media to see if you're posting pictures or making statements that contradict your claims of disability.

For that reason, be aware of your actions and statements so that the investigators don't find anything questionable.

With the guidance in this article, your claim should have a better chance of being successful. You may want to work with an ERISA lawyer who has experience with these situations and can offer additional tips that will help you secure the funds you need.

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