Doggy Dangers: Personal Injury Compensation And Dog Bites

Dogs on the loose can wreak havoc and turn your daily walk into a painful ordeal. If you are the victim of a dog attack, you are entitled to seek compensation from that dog's owner for medical expenses and pain and suffering. You have the right to take a walk in your own neighborhood without fear of being hurt while exercising, so read on to learn the 5 major facts you need to know about seeking compensation from a dog bite.

1. If the owner is present, make sure to get as much contact information as possible from them. It may be difficult to do so while injured, but otherwise you could be risking losing valuable compensation. Note any witnesses to the incident as well. Snapping a photo of the dog (and owner) may also come in handy.

2. If the injury is serious, you may want to file a police report. In any case, make sure that the incident is reported to your local animal control agency. Many localities have a "one bite free" law, so your report could help force a careless owner to take action that might prevent another person from being bit.

3. Seek immediate medical attention, even if the bite seems relatively minor. Dogs carry several varieties of bacteria in their mouths, and a severe infection is not only debilitating and painful to everyone, but can be deadly to those with compromised immune systems, children and the elderly.

4. Personal injury attorneys often work on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will only need to pay your attorney if you win your case or claim. The attorney will take a certain agreed upon percentage of your compensation as pay, which will be decided upon upfront at the contract signing.

5. The compensation can include not only your medical bills but also a reimbursement for any lost wages you incurred to care for your wound and recuperate from your injuries. If you had to use some of your sick leave or vacation time, you are entitled to be "made whole" again by payment for that time. Additionally, if you lost any personal property due to the incident, you have the right to be reimbursed. For example, if the dog ruined a pair of shoes or your pants or you dropped your cell phone and it broke, that should be claimed in your damages.

All dog bites should be taken seriously; they are painful, annoying, inconvenient and expensive. Make sure that you get a personal injury attorney, like Littman & Babiarz Law Office, to support you in seeking the compensation that you are entitled to receive as a result of your injury.