Slip And Fall Accident Lawsuit: What You Need To Know

Slipping and falling can result in a serious injury. If this happens to you on someone else's property or at a business, you could have the opportunity to file a personal injury lawsuit if you can provide the property owner acted negligently. Here is some information about a slip and fall personal injury lawsuit:

Who Is Liable for Your Injuries?

When determining liability for a slip and fall accident, you first must find out if there was any negligence at play. For instance, if you entered a business and there was water leaking from the ceiling, and there were no barricades or warning signs to keep you out of the dangerous area, this can be one way to prove the owner was acting negligently.

Are You Partially to Blame for Your Injuries?

There are many slip and fall cases in which the victim was at least partially to blame for the accident. If you were acting carelessly or you were simply being clumsy, you cannot expect the owner of the property to pay for your injuries in full. You can still file a claim, but you will have to answer some important questions truthfully if you hope to have a good outcome. For instance, you may be asked if you were you in a restricted area. If you were in a restricted area, they will want to know why you were there. They may also ask if the restricted area had any signage nearby to show it actually was a place restricted to public citizens.

You may also be asked if you were distracted in any way at the time of the accident. For instance, were you looking down at your phone or in a different direction at the time of the fall? These are all important questions, and you must answer them if you wish to get some compensation for your injuries. You will also be asked to provide your medical records that document your injuries from the fall, as well as the documentation of any additional treatment pertinent to your injury. You are not required to give this personal information to an insurance company, but you will likely have to provide it if you follow through with a lawsuit.

A slip and fall accident is a complicated type of case, so your evidence is crucial. You also need to work with a slip and fall attorney to help you get through the process, which will include a lot of important paperwork.