Hiring A Lawyer To Help Determine Fault And Get Compensated After A Car Accident

When you are involved in a car accident, there may be cause to hire a lawyer to help you. If you are injured, or your car was totaled, and you are having a hard time getting a determination about who was at fault for the accident, a lawyer might be the only way to get things sorted out. In fact, in some states, the police will not assign blame, and if you believe the other driver was liable, you would have to take them to court and get a judge to make a ruling.

Whose Fault Is It Anyway

In most cases, the determination of who is at fault for a car accident is done on the scene by the police officer documenting the scene. But some states are still no-fault states and the police will not assign blame. The problem with that is that if you are injured or your car is heavily damaged, and the other party caused the accident, it is hard to get their insurance to pay the bill for damage and medical treatment. There is a way to navigate around that. Hiring a lawyer to look at the case and help you might be your only recourse, and while using the other party is not always fun, if they are at fault, they should take responsibility for the accident.

Finding The Right Lawyer

Most accident and injury attorneys will not charge you for the consultation so you can go in and talk to them about what happened. This is the time to check them out and decide if they will be someone you can work with or not. You do not have to hire the first lawyer on your list. In fact, taking the time to talk to several and see how they react to your situation will give you some insight as to how interested they are in pursuing the case. To win a case like this in court, you need a lawyer that will fight hard and is totally invested in your case.

What To Ask The Court For

Every case is different, but if you go to court with a list of demands that don't make sense, the judge will probably not take you seriously. Narrow it down to just what you need. Money to fix your car and money for your medical bills reasonable. Asking to get compensated for your spilled coffee might be a little outside the needs in your case. Don't try to stretch your case to cover everything but be sure to ask for the things you really need.

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