Tips for Selling Your Home in Hawaii Yourself

If you own a home or property of any kind in Hawaii, there is a good chance that you are going to try to sell it yourself in order to avoid having to pay a real estate fee. This fee could be very large since most property in Hawaii is highly sought after and therefore expensive. Here are some tips for making sure that you are able to successfully sell your home in Hawaii by yourself.

1. Get a Lawyer to Help With Disclosures

It is going to be far cheaper for you to hire a lawyer to help make sure that you have disclosed everything that you need to disclose to the buyer than to be sued and then have to deal with that. Due to the heat and frequent rain of Hawaii, you could have a host of hidden problems that you might not even be aware of. You might have a specific type of mold in your home that a buyer could be allergic to. You might have rafters that need structural repair because moisture has eaten away at them. Hiring a real-estate lawyer will give you access to a checklist of common and less-common disclosures that need to be made. You can go through the list with your lawyer and systematically declare each disclosure or determine that each possible disclosure isn't an issue.

2. Pay the Buyer Fee

The next thing that you are going to need to do is be willing to pay the buyer fee. People hire a real estate agent to help them find a home to buy, and agents expects to be paid a commission from each sale. Find out the common rate that is expected in your area of Hawaii, and make sure that you are willing to pay it. The amount might seem high due to the expensive nature of the house, but you will have a hard time finding people to bring potential customers to your home if you don't offer this commission or offer too little. 

3. Find a Company to List Your Home for a Flat Fee

Finally, find someone that is willing to list your home for a flat fee. You don't know how the housing market is going to be or if people are going to be able to afford your house in the current economic climate. If you pay to have your home listed for a flat fee, you can avoid having the costs of the listing balloon.

For more information, talk to a real-estate lawyer such as one at Zane Law or consult with a real-estate agent.