Proving You Did Not Commit A Robbery

If you have been accused of robbing a store, and you are not the perpetrator that should be punished for the crime, you will need to enlist the help of a criminal defense attorney, like Andrew H P Norton, to represent you in court. Being unjustly accused is an unfortunate experience, but if you have facts that prove your innocence, the charges will most likely be dropped. Here are some tips to use when battling a theft conviction.

Get Witnesses

If someone was with you at the time of the proposed robbery, having them write out a report to be used as evidence in your case can help prove you were not at fault. If you were in a public location where others may have seen you during the time of the robbery, they may remember your face if shown a picture of you. Ask around to find out names of people who may have been at the same place as you were at the time the robbery occurred.

Use Documents

If you were not in your home during the robbery, you may have documentation to prove you were out and about somewhere other than where the robbery had occurred. Give any credit card receipts, ATM transaction receipts, or cell phone records to your lawyer to help prove your whereabouts when the robbery occurred. If you had logged online from your cell phone or home, you may be able to use your browsing history to show you were on your phone or computer when the robbery happened.

Check Tracking

If you were walking or driving in your town, you may be able to use your phone or vehicle's GPS tracking capability to prove you were nowhere near the spot where the robbery had happened. These programs will keep a history that can be used to show where your device or vehicle was at the time of the robbery. If you can prove you had the phone or vehicle in your possession when the robbery happened, the tracking would clear your name.

Look For Surveillance

If there is any footage showing where you were when the robbery occurred, you can clear your name easily. If you went to any business during the time of the robbery, check to see if they had hidden cameras that may have captured your likeness on film. If you drove through any parking lots or through streets with traffic cameras, you can use this to your advantage as well. Give your lawyer a list of the stops you made during the date in questions so they can help you follow-up with possible evidence.