After An Accident: Focus On These Things

Things can feel frantic after an accident. You might have your mind going in several directions at once. It's difficult for many accident victims to focus on any one thing, but it may help you to know what should be getting your attention.

Focus on Your Health

Taking care of yourself has never been more important. Be sure you get medical treatment after the accident. If you are not sure you are hurt badly enough to see a doctor, do so anyway. Some injuries are not obvious at first but get worse as time goes by. Focus on your health by following your doctor's orders and keeping good notes of everything about your medical care.

If being paid what you deserve is important to you, begin using a pain journal to record your medical information. This journal should be used to record your daily thoughts, medication notes, appointment reminders, and more. Medical treatment information is a key aspect of your personal injury case along with recovering from your injuries.

Keep Things to Yourself

While speaking to a licensed mental health counselor is an excellent idea, don't get carried away talking about your accident to just anyone. Only speak to those who you have confidentiality agreements with. You never know how something innocent said to the wrong person could negatively affect your case.

Many people spend a lot of time on social media, and it may seem natural to post about your accident experience. Your story is sure to elicit sympathy and make you feel better. However, your lawyer will probably advise you to avoid posting about the accident on Twitter, Instagram, and the like.

Keeping things to yourself is important because the other driver's insurer may be looking for things to reduce your compensation. For instance, they might notice that you are telling people on social media that you are okay after the accident. You might not be okay at all, but this presents the appearance of conflicting facts about the case.

Don't Wait to Speak to a Lawyer

The sooner you seek help from a personal injury lawyer the better. They can advise you about what to do to ensure you are paid what you deserve. They might, for example, have you sign a release so that they can access your medical records. They might also ask you to continue seeking medical care for your injuries until you are released by your doctors. Other important time-sensitive tasks for your lawyer include gathering evidence, speaking to witnesses, drafting a demand letter, and more.

Speak to an accident attorney for more help.