Legally Terminating A Bad Marriage

Trying to work things out in a marriage is usually the wisest thing to do, especially when you have children. However, sometimes staying together only makes the situation worse if both partners are not willing to put their all into the marriage. If trying to communicate with your spouse has proven to be unsuccessful because he or she refuses to be cooperative, a divorce might be the best resolution. You can bring up the subject of divorce to see how your spouse reacts, but you can get the process started without him or her. This article explains how to legally end your marriage no matter how uncooperative your spouse is.

Contact a Divorce Attorney for Guidance

Getting divorced is the type of process that doesn't require help from an attorney, but you will be better off hiring one if your marriage is complicated. An attorney can provide guidance throughout the entire process to ensure that your best interest is kept in mind. For example, if your spouse has been having affairs without any regards to your feeling, you might have more rights in the divorce than you think. He or she might have to pay you alimony, move out of the marital home, and many other things in your favor. An attorney will draft up all of the necessary documents for the divorce process to begin.

Decide if You Want Full Custody of the Kids

The children will be the most important aspect of your marriage that must be focused on. The reason why is because a divorce can have a negative affect on them if things are not handled right. You must decide if it is in their best interest to live with you, or if your spouse should be granted joint custody. Basically, you should come up with a custody arrangement that isn't based on feeling angry with your spouse. If your spouse doesn't pay much attention to the children and is caught up in his or her own life, an attorney can help you fight for full custody.

Be Prepared for a Possibly Long Court Battle

You must mentally prepare yourself for your divorce, as it can possibly turn into a long battle in court. However, your attorney will do everything possible to shorten the process. He or she will attempt settling with your spouse on some of the complicated marital problems, such as the division of assets. Most or all of the divorce case can be handled through mediation if your spouse suddenly agrees to settle things cordially. Expect the divorce process to take at least a few months to be finalized with children involved, but it can possibly take a year or more.

For more information, contact a divorce lawyer.