3 Types Of Guidance Your DUI Attorney Can Provide You With

If you have been accused of drinking and driving, it's wise to hire a DUI attorney who is knowledgeable and who has plenty of experience. One of these attorneys can help you in a number of ways while you're dealing with your case, such as by providing you with guidance and advice. These are some of the types of guidance that your DUI attorney can provide you with.

1. Information About What to Expect During Court

Right now, you might be wondering about what you should expect during court. You may have never been to court before, and you might not really understand the process. You might not know where you need to go, what time you need to be there or what you should wear on your court date. Your attorney should provide you with general information, and they can provide answers to any questions that you might have. Then, you probably will not be as nervous or unsure when you head to court.

2. Advice About How to Prepare for Court

It is best to be properly prepared when you head to court. In addition to understanding what to expect, you should also do what you can to help your case. What you should do before court will depend on your specific case and the laws in your state. For example, in some states, it is a good idea to serve community service before going to court. Your lawyer will be able to tell you a little more about how you can be as well-prepared as possible when you stand in front of the judge on your court date.

3. Advice About How to Get Substance Abuse Treatment Assistance

If you suffer from a drinking problem, you might be looking to get help. After all, you are probably hoping to avoid future legal trouble, and you might want to do what you can to turn your life around. Luckily, many DUI attorneys know about all of the best resources for substance abuse treatment. If you are looking for a specific treatment option or if you are on a tight budget, you can talk to your attorney about these things so that you can get the best advice about a treatment option that is right for you.

If you choose the right DUI attorney to assist you with your case, you can receive a lot of advice and guidance along the way. In addition to getting advice about the three things above, you can get additional advice and help, too. Reach out to an attorney like Kevin T Conway Esq Pc for more information.