First-Timer Tips For Working With A Bail Bond Company

If your adult son or daughter was arrested and you are apprehensive about finding a reputable bail bond company to work with because you don't have any previous experience, then rest assured it isn't as complicated as you think it is. Using these first-timer tips, you will be able to obtain a bond and bail your son or daughter out of jail:

Tip: Hire an Attorney First Before Looking for a Bail Bond Company

While your first inclination is probably to get your son or daughter out of jail as soon as possible, instead, you should actually retain a lawyer first. Once you have found a lawyer to take the case, then ask them for a referral to a reputable local bail bondsman. Your attorney will know which bonding companies are professional and may even be able to score you a discount on their services.

Tip: Compare Bonding Fees Between Different Bail Bond Agencies

Depending on what state you live in, the fees a bail bond agency can charge for a bond may or may not be regulated by the government. When you contact an agency for the first time, make sure you ask them what their fees are and write them down. Before you settle on any specific agency, first call around and ensure their fees are the same or lower than other bail bonds companies in your local area.

Tip: Wait for the Arraignment Hearing and Try to Lower the Bond Amount

If the bail amount for your son or daughter's release has been set at a really high amount but this is their first offense, then you should wait to post bond until after their arraignment hearing has taken place. Their attorney will ask the judge at this hearing to lower the bond amount. If your son or daughter's lawyer can prove the bail cost is a hardship for your family, then the judge may lower it. Sometimes bail reductions amount to a significant amount of money and waiting for an extra day or two to post the bond can save you a significant amount of money.

Tip: Check Out the Bail Bond Company with Your State's Insurance Department's Website

Finally, it is important to note that before you ever sign a contract or give a bail bond agency any money, you should go to the website of your state's insurance department and ensure their license is in good standing. If they are not, choose another company to work with.

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