Why You Should Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney As Soon As You've Been Arrested For A Crime

If you've just been released from jail after a criminal arrest, your head may be spinning with worry over what's going to happen to you. You may have an arraignment date set where you'll be formally charged so you can enter a plea. Before you go before the judge, you should hire a criminal defense attorney. You don't want to do or say anything that results in a worse punishment than you deserve. Here are a few reasons you need an attorney to help you.

The Law Is Complicated

If this is your first trouble with the law, you're probably overwhelmed. The experience is so new, you don't realize the important things you don't know and that can be a dangerous situation. When you have an attorney, you have someone who understands what is happening and what is likely to happen in the future. Your attorney will speak for you and instruct you on what you can safely to the police or district attorney. Saying the wrong thing could make your situation worse even if your remarks are innocent.

The Prosecution Is Determined To Win

If your case goes to court, the prosecutor plans to win. They may come at you hard and confuse you into saying things you don't mean. They might even mislead you into saying things you shouldn't. Fortunately for you, your attorney is determined to win your case too and can devise a strategy that is best for your case. Unless you know the law very well, you can't represent yourself in court as well as an attorney can, especially when the prosecution is being aggressive.

An Attorney Can Advise On A Plea Deal

Depending on the circumstances of your crime, the prosecutor may offer you a plea deal. Without proper counsel, you have no way of knowing if you should take the deal or not. While the decision is up to you, a criminal defense attorney knows if the deal is reasonable or if you're being taken advantage of. Your attorney may even bargain to get the best outcome for you in regard to having charges dropped or your sentence shortened for pleading guilty to the crime and avoiding a court trial.

Whether you're guilty of the crime or not, you don't want to spend one day longer in jail than you should. By hiring a criminal defense attorney as soon as you've been charged, you'll have the best chance at the most desirable and fair outcome for your crime.