Bankruptcy For Seniors: How To Cope

Given the opportunity to live longer, most would not hesitate. Medical advances that result in longer lives, however, come with a price tag. Some older adults are finding medical costs taking up more and more of their income and some of them are now on fixed incomes. Medical bills, though, are just the beginning of financial troubles for senior citizens who are dealing with rising housing, food, fuel, and utility costs as well.

What To Do When You Think You've Gotten Sick From Asbestos

Asbestos is a dangerous material that used to be commonly used for insulating buildings. The fibers that comprise asbestos are very fine, and they can cause serious lung problems including respiratory difficulties and cancer. The most common type of cancer caused by asbestos is mesothelioma. If you are experiencing chest pain or shortness of breath and you suspect asbestos may be the culprit, here are three steps you need to take.

Strings Attached: What To Know About Conditional Bequests

Make no mistake about it – as the author of your will, you have the power to name beneficiaries and pass on your property as you see fit. That doesn't mean, however, that everything in a last will and testament will be upheld by the probate court. One sticky area is conditional bequests. Read on to find out more. Voiding Out the Condition Some bequest conditions are not meant to be.

Is Your Employer Not Filing Your Worker's Compensation Claim? What You Should Know

When you are injured at work, you typically are entitled to benefits from your employer's worker's compensation insurance policy. The benefits are meant to pay for your medical expenses and help replace a portion of your salary if you are unable to work. The goal of worker's compensation is so employees do not file a personal injury lawsuit against an employer. Unfortunately, there may be times in which your employer may not cooperate when you file a claim.

Facing A Felony Charge? 3 Things You Should Know As You Prepare To Fight Your Case

Criminal charges can vary a lot, and the worst type to face is any type of felony charge. A felony is a charge that will linger with you for the rest of your life, and you will need a good criminal lawyer assisting you with your case if the charges you are facing fall into this category. As you prepare to fight your case, here are a few things to understand about felony charges.

How To Stop Paying Spousal Support

If you went through a divorce in the past and have been paying spousal support to your ex-spouse for many years, you might reach a point where you really want to put this to an end. Spousal support is usually considered a temporary thing, but it will take getting a court order before you can legally stop paying it. Here are a few things to know if you want to stop paying the spousal support the court ordered you to pay years ago.

Slip And Fall Accident Lawsuit: What You Need To Know

Slipping and falling can result in a serious injury. If this happens to you on someone else's property or at a business, you could have the opportunity to file a personal injury lawsuit if you can provide the property owner acted negligently. Here is some information about a slip and fall personal injury lawsuit: Who Is Liable for Your Injuries? When determining liability for a slip and fall accident, you first must find out if there was any negligence at play.

Important Information To Provide To Your Divorce Lawyer

Making the decision to divorce your spouse can be very difficult. After that decision is made and you have hired a divorce lawyer, you may be overwhelmed and not know what to expect. However, being organized and providing pertinent information that your lawyer needs will make it easier for him or her to help you. Thus, before your first official meeting with your divorce lawyer after hiring and signing a contract, take the time to find as much documentation as possible.

Modifying Child Support: 5 Necessary Actions

Anytime you lose a job, it's natural that you'd worry about your financial life. However, when you're divorced and making weekly or monthly child support payments, you might worry even more. There are multiple ramifications for not making your payments, and that can compound problems that are already happening because of the shift in your financial position. Modifying the child support order is an option, but you must also ensure you're working on these activities.

Three Ways To Lessen Your Risk Of A Lawsuit After You Start A Small Business

When you start a small business, you likely have your mind set on turning a profit as quickly as possible and establishing the brand in your community. Few things can disrupt these goals as quickly as facing a lawsuit — especially early on in the venture. Lawsuits are always difficult to deal with, but when you may lack the funds to fight the suit because your business is still new, they can be absolutely devastating.

The Importance Of Getting Medical Help After Any Car Accident

No matter how severe or major a car accident is, everyone involved in the collision should seek medical help afterward. Many people will feel perfectly fine after a car accident happens, and they will choose not to see a doctor, but this is never a good idea. You should always see a doctor after an accident, and here are several reasons for this. The visit is documented One of the main reasons to get medical help after an accident is to have the accident and visit documented, and you could complete this visit by going to the emergency room after the accident or by calling your regular doctor and scheduling a visit.