3 Helpful Steps That Can Protect Your Legal Claim After A Car Accident

If you're involved in a car accident and are not responsible for causing it, you may have legal options. The other driver may have been negligent, and you deserve compensation for any vehicle damage or injuries that resulted. Make sure you protect your legal claim by taking these steps: Contact the Police After making sure everyone is okay and getting to a safe area, it's important to contact the police. Even if injuries or damage to your vehicle is minor, you need the police to take an official statement.

Legally Terminating A Bad Marriage

Trying to work things out in a marriage is usually the wisest thing to do, especially when you have children. However, sometimes staying together only makes the situation worse if both partners are not willing to put their all into the marriage. If trying to communicate with your spouse has proven to be unsuccessful because he or she refuses to be cooperative, a divorce might be the best resolution. You can bring up the subject of divorce to see how your spouse reacts, but you can get the process started without him or her.

Are You Prepared For The Meet And Confer In Your Divorce Proceedings?

In some states, divorcing couples are required to attend a meet and confer or a divorce settlement conference. The meeting is an opportunity to attempt to settle the divorce without the court's intervention. The mandatory meeting is important and requires considerable preparation. If you have a conference scheduled, here is what you need to know. Who Attends the Meeting? The people who are required to attend the meeting depends largely on your state's laws.

Medical Or Recreational Marijuana And Social Security Disability Benefits

With many states now approving either recreational and medical marijuana use or medical marijuana alone, there's a lot of confusion about how marijuana use can affect your Social Security disability application. Here's some information that you need to know about how state laws on marijuana use can intersect with a federal program like SSA disability. 1. The medical use of marijuana is less likely to affect your disability claim than any recreational use.

How Third Parties Can Cause Injuries in the Workplace

It is common knowledge that injuries on the job are compensated for by workers compensation insurance. However, there are cases where workers compensation insurance isn't the only source of remedy for a workplace injury. For example, if you have been injured by a third party, you can sue the liable party for personal injury damages in addition to your worker's compensation insurance. Here are four examples of how third parties can cause damages to employees on the job:

Need A Special Education Lawyer? 2 Important Things To Consider

If you have a special needs child, you already appreciate some of the challenges that the parents of such children face. You also appreciate how important the educational development of your child is to their well being. Frequently parents of children who benefit from special education programs are not pleased with the level of progress in their child's development. Many parents just throw up their hands in frustration, unaware that there is legal help available from highly qualified attorneys who specialize in this area.