Four Things A Mother Should Know About Regaining Custody Of Her Child

If you are a mother who has lost custody of her child, it was likely devastating. There are many reasons that a judge can award custody to another person, but whatever the reason, you should know that there is hope. The court system wants a child and its mother to be together, but the best interest of the child will always come first. The following are a few things that you need to understand as you begin the process of regaining custody

3 Reasons To Include A Divorce Lawyer In Your Mediation

Emotions usually run high over the course of a divorce. This can make it difficult to sit down and agree on anything with your spouse. However, some separations have fewer conflicts. If your divorce is like this, mediation can be ideal for you. Although some people believe they don't need an attorney during mediation, many things can go wrong if you don't involve these professionals. It's advisable to seek a divorce lawyer's assistance during this process to help you come up with terms that favor your interests.

Just Married? Time to Make Estate Changes

If you have a great estate plan in place, it's probably time to update things now that you are married. Below are listed a few reminders for those just freshly wed to consider so that your estate plans are just as valid and complete as they were when you were single. Get Your Identification Changed Before you make changes to your estate, plan to update your identification first. That might mean changing your name and/or your address on your driver's license, along with a new Social Security card for some.

3 Crucial Roles A Divorce Attorney Plays During Property Division

Divorce is often stressful for the involved parties because it can have a significant emotional and financial impact. Most individuals who undergo this process are often left with intense feelings of sadness, anger, and regret, which can be overwhelming. But amidst all this, all the rules and regulations governing this process should be followed with utmost care and precision. Some of these rules govern property division. In this article, you'll learn the three crucial roles divorce attorneys play during property division.

4 Instances You Need To Hire A Corporate Lawyer

Salary negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, business disputes, capital raising — are just some of the reasons why one might need to hire a corporate lawyer. If you're running a small or medium-sized business, here's where to start when thinking about hiring legal support: 1. To Draft Share Issuance Documents Investors may ask for specific features in the type of shares they want to purchase. A company needs an attorney very early on in its formation stage so that it can prepare all documentation with confirmatory due diligence.

Unnatural Beneficiaries: Can You Contest Your Loved One's Will?

If your deceased loved one leaves most of their estate to an unnatural beneficiary or someone who isn't in your family, you may choose to contest the will right away. But if the unnatural beneficiary threatens to fight your right to contest the will, you may back down and allow them to keep your loved one's estate. Don't give up just yet. You can fight for your loved one's estate with the right estate litigation help.